Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Boston Globe Finds Four of My Peaceful Places!

Boston Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham wrote an article in Sunday's paper profiling some of her favorite secret garden spots in the city.

I was interested to see that four of her five places are among the 121 that will be featured in Peaceful Places Boston: the Howard Ulfelder Healing Garden at Massachusetts General Hospital, pictured above; the atrium at 101 Merrimac Street, near North Station; the observation deck at Independence Wharf just off the Rose Kennedy Greenway; and the Cambridge Center Roof Garden, shown here.                                    

The fifth place, the Custom House observation deck, was one I'd considered but eliminated because there's too narrow a window of time to visit. Too bad, because it's a lovely, historic spot that should belong to us all. Here's a link to the article, Secret Garden Spots.